BSC is for those who want to go on IB at Birkerød Gymnasium and have the will and the talent to go far with your sport. Here you will get every opportunity to become the best version of yourself, if you play football or handball.

Most of the BSC students living at home, but there is the opportunity to stay at Birkerød Gymnasium boarding school (read more on the high school website).

You get to be part of a team of dedicated students, professional trainers and become part of a living environment where the focus is on development, unity and training at the highest level.

BSC is a supplement to the training you may have in your hand or football club. In BSC you get individual technical and tactical training. We know that many of our players also is training in their respective clubs. BSC has great attention to the body and the stresses many hours of training causes. Therefore we focus on the technical training.

You are always welcome to call us on tel . 0045 21 40 53 43 and talk about why it might be interesting for you to be a part of BSC.